Report: AEW Locker Room Divided Over CM Punk Calling Out Hangman Page

Are you Team Hangman or Team CM Punk?

CM Punk went off script during his opening promo on Wednesday's episode of AEW Dynamite as The Second City Saviour called out Hangman Page for an AEW World Title rematch right there, right now. Since the moment was not planned, Page did not make his way to the ring which Punk called "coward sh*t", before the AEW World Champion turned his attention to the part of the promo that was planned with Jon Moxley. 

It has since emerged that Punk and Hangman Page have had issues stretching back to the build to their Double Or Nothing match and a promo that The Anxious Millenial Cowboy cut which Punk took issue with. Such was Punk's unhappiness with Page's comments that he met with AEW higher-ups to discuss the promo's context and Punk later reportedly told people that he would not lose to Hangman at the May pay-per-view.

Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Live that Punk has remained unhappy about Hangman's promo, which is why he "went into business for himself on Dynamite." Punk calling out Hangman has divided the AEW locker room, though, with some siding with Page while Punk's supporters are furious since they believe Hangman started the whole situation. 

"The gist of it is Hangman was upset with CM Punk and he used that as part of his promo to build up the pay-per-view. Punk was very angry about that and he has been angry about it ever since and so he came out and he did what he did. Punk wants Hangman to apologise for that promo. This has nothing to do with storyline, he went into business for himself. Hangman is supposed to be the babyface here and he made your babyface look like a coward," Alvarez said.

"There were plenty of people backstage furious at CM Punk because Hangman is a well-liked guy, everybody loves Hangman, and they felt bad for him and they were upset with Punk. Now, of course, Punk has friends as well and he has supporters. His supporters are angry because they believe that Hangman was the one who started this and so why is CM Punk taking all of this heat when Hangman is the guy that started this whole thing? I know it's wrestling, I know that people think everything is a work or this is an MJF deal, I'm telling you I've talked to so many people, it's not. This is a real situation."

Alvarez also noted that Punk calling out Hangman Page is not planned to lead into a match at All Out. Punk will face Jon Moxley on next week's Dynamite in an AEW World Title Unification Match. 

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