Report: Athena & Jody Threat Spoken To By AEW Management After Physical Match

Athena and Jody Threat clashed on AEW Dark: Elevation

A recent All Elite Wrestling match was too physical for AEW management. 

Clips have circulated on social media in recent days of moments from Athena's Dark: Elevation match with indy standout Jody Threat that was taped on October 12 at Toronto's Coca-Cola Coliseum. The match appeared to devolve into a shoot at points, though, with a clip showing Athena raining down brutal forearms on Threat that caused boos inside the Coca-Cola Coliseum. Another clip then showed Athena picking up Threat for a Delayed Suplex before she dumped the indy talent to the outside. 

In an update, Fightful Select reported that Threat slipped on what her comeback was meant to be and she asked Athena about the next spot to get back on track. The match then only became more physical, though, with Athena working as a heel against the local Threat. Several noted to Fightful that the match shouldn't have become more physical and communication should have been clearer. 

It was noted that AEW management approached both women after the match to ensure everything was okay. A confrontation did not take place backstage, nor did Threat complain about what happened in the match. 

From Athena's side, they believed the match was always going to end up being physical since she had to work as a heel. Threat's side, meanwhile, noted that the indy talent was "not big on all the attention that emanates from situations such as these, and generally tries to keep her head down to avoid political aspects of wrestling."

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