Report: Backstage News On Cody Rhodes Losing In The Main Event Of WWE WrestleMania 39

More on Cody Rhodes taking that loss to Roman Reigns in WWE WrestleMania 39’s main event

Heading into WWE WrestleMania 39, there were scant few fans who weren’t wholly confident that Cody Rhodes would finally end Roman Reigns’ dominant run as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. However, Rhodes failed in his quest, with Reigns leaving the WrestleMania 39 night two main event with his reign intact.

Reigns’ win has received a lot of criticism from fans, and WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H defended the result during the post-WrestleMania press conference, and a further report from Fightful Select has shed some light on when the decision was made to have Rhodes lose.

Per Fightful’s report, the decision to have Reigns win was set several weeks ago, with several members of WWE’s backstage staff aware of the decision. There is no word on when talent were informed of the plans, and the minutiae of the interference elements of the bout were reportedly not relayed to talent, referees, and ringside staff until the day of the event.

What’s more, although cynical fans assumed the Reigns’ win was a Vince McMahon move, several sources from within WWE claimed that McMahon was not involved in the decision at all.

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