Report: Backstage News On WWE Raw's Closing Segment

Did the segment go ahead as originally planned?

To close out last week's edition of Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Randy Orton rekindled their rivalry and brawled inside and outside of the ring. The Game quickly gained the upper hand and appeared to be close to putting Orton away with a sledgehammer shot, but the weapon suddenly caught fire and Triple H disappeared as the lights inside the ThunderDome went out. Alexa Bliss then appeared behind The Viper and shot a fireball straight at his eyes. Raw went off the air with Orton rolling around the ring and screaming in pain. 

Drew McIntyre was originally scheduled to face Orton in the main event, but he was pulled from the show after testing positive for COVID-19. Fightful Select reported that WWE did not change the planned closing segment despite McIntyre's absence and Raw was always supposed to go off the air following Alexa's fireball. Triple H simply took the WWE Champion's place. 

In regards to the fireball itself, it reportedly wasn't computer-generated but was heavily edited.

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