Report: Backstage Reaction To AEW's House Show Announcement

AEW recently revealed plans to run house show events

After months of speculation, All Elite Wrestling recently unveiled plans to start running house show live events, with the first ‘House Rules Tour’ shows advertised online.

AEW had previously only ever ran one house show, with ‘The House Always Wins’ having taken place in April 2021. A new report from Fightful Select suggests that news of the tour has been received positively by the AEW roster, with a source telling Fightful that multiple talents have been pushing AEW to run non-televised live events for ‘multiple reasons’.

A major reason for running untelevised shows is to give wrestlers extra reps in the ring, and to work on spots or potential match-ups that could be used on TV in the future. Indeed, Fightful’s report suggests that one talent spoke of how these shows will especially help younger or more inexperienced members of the roster, with another suggesting some talent would prefer to get reps under an AEW banner than on the independent scene.

Whilst the shows will be for live audiences only, it is believed they will be filmed - customary for major wrestling companies. It is not believed that these recorded shows are planned to be distributed.

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