Report: Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract Expired Back In April

He is currently a free agent...

Yesterday, Mike Johnson at PWInsider reported Brock Lesnar's WWE contract had expired. The two sides had been negotiating over a new deal but they have reportedly "hit an impasse" and both sides have paused discussions for the time being. 

Johnson noted this isn't the first time Lesnar's contract with WWE has lapsed, but this is currently his longest hiatus from the company during contract negotiations. The Beast Incarnate hasn't appeared on WWE TV since WrestleMania 36 when he was defeated by Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.  

Dave Meltzer provided additional details on the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and he revealed Lesnar's contract expired back in April following The Showcase Of The Immortals.

Meltzer said: "Brock's contract actually expired months ago in April but nobody knew it because it wasn't really an issue."

Fans first became concerned about Lesnar's status with the company after his merchandise was suddenly pulled from WWE Shop over the weekend. Meltzer noted WWE had an agreement with the former world champion which allowed them to advertise his merchandise for a few months after his contract ran out. The agreement expired a couple of days ago, however, which is why the merchandise was removed from the website.   

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