Report: CM Punk Expected To Respond Following AEW Firing

CM Punk is expected to respond to his AEW firing

Although he is no longer with the promotion, CM Punk may not be finished with All Elite Wrestling.

Tony Khan announced on Saturday, September 2 that he had fired CM Punk with cause following an investigation into the backstage altercation Punk had with Jack Perry at AEW All In. Outside legal counsel and the disciplinary committee advised Khan to fire Punk and he ultimately did so, with Khan noting in an announcement following the firing that he feared for his life at All In. 

Punk being fired with cause leaves the door open for potential legal action from Punk and sources close to the 44-year-old and AEW told Sports Illustratedthey expect him to respond in some way, "which holds the potential to be explosive." If Punk will respond through legal action or a potential podcast appearance similar to his appearance on Art of Wrestling in 2014 after his WWE departure is unknown. 

Punk returned to pro wrestling in August 2021. He ends his run in AEW as a two-time AEW World Champion.

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