Report: Drew McIntyre And Sheamus' Raw Match Praised By WWE Management

The two met in the ring on Raw this week

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus' opening match on Monday Night Raw received notable praise on social media. 

The clash between the two friends turned enemies was a very enjoyable and physical pay-per-view worthy fight, one that had been months in the making.

According to Fightful, the match was also very well received backstage by WWE management. The report also suggests that officials within the promotion are also very high on Sheamus' in-ring work at the moment. 

McIntyre and Sheamus fought for 23 minutes in the first match of the evening on Raw, which set the tempo for an enjoyable show. The two old friends reportedly called much of the action while in the ring, with the clash being won by McIntyre, hitting a Claymore on Sheamus as he went for a Brogue Kick. 

McIntyre and Sheamus had been involved in storylines together since the back end of 2020 as WWE built their friendship, seemingly towards a turn by The Celtic Warrior on his buddy, the-then WWE Champion. 

It seemed the two were set for a big pay-per-view match over the title, with some reports even suggesting Sheamus and McIntyre might meet at WrestleMania 37, but it appears the Raw fight might be the conclusion of their feud. 

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