Report: Heat On Brock Lesnar Following Unplanned WWE Royal Rumble Spot

Brock Lesnar has a little bit of heat in WWE

Brock Lesnar won't be feeling cold after drawing "a little heat" for his involvement in the 2023 Men's Royal Rumble on Saturday, January 28. 

The former WWE Champion had a brief run in the Royal Rumble, lasting three minutes in the match, during which he eliminated several talents and had a staredown with GUNTHER before Brock was clotheslined over the top rope by Bobby Lashley. Lesnar was apoplectic following his elimination and he proceeded to throw the top of the announce table into the ring and smash the steel steps off the table before he manhandled a referee into the front row when they tried to escort him from ringside. Lesnar then F5'd Baron Corbin on the outside, causing The Wrestling God to be quickly eliminated once he finally entered the squared circle. 

According to Fightful Select, Lesnar's freak out after his elimination was planned but his actions were not, with it being noted that Brock's attack of referee Eddie Orengo that saw the official topple into the front row was not a part of the plan. Orengo may have suffered a foot injury and his involvement in a spot towards the end of the Men's Royal Rumble was scrapped as he had to sell the attack from Lesnar. This ultimately led to some heat on The Beast Incarnate. 

Furthermore, some in the ring and at ringside weren't prepared for Lesnar to smash the steel steps off the announce table, nor were they aware that Lesnar would be throwing the announce table into the ring, with both moments said to be unplanned. It doesn't appear Lesnar garnered heat for those spots, with a source telling Fightful: "We knew a freak out was planned, and it's Brock, so expect anything and everything."

Despite Lesnar having some heat, that is considered a "relative term" for Brock as "he's not going to get in trouble. He's certainly not going to be fired like Cryme Tyme was. It's a new regime, new rules, and I'm not sure anyone involved was mad or not, but some people backstage were."

Lesnar's latest WWE run looks set to continue, with The Beast planned for Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 39. 

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