Report: More AEW Talents Open To Signing WIth WWE

Could more AEW talent jump ship to WWE?

Cody Rhodes' return may prove to be a major long-term boon for WWE. 

The American Nightmare came back to WWE after six years away at WrestleMania 38, only a couple of months after he departed All Elite Wrestling. Cody has since been presented as one of WWE's top stars, only behind Roman Reigns on promotional material, and he will face Seth Rollins in a headline match at Hell In A Cell on June 5. 

AEW talent in the past appeared to be resistant to jumping ship to WWE but Cody's treatment so far has changed opinions, according to Bryan Alvarez.

"There's been a big shift among people in AEW," Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "Not that like they want out. But it's definitely different in the sense that I get the impression that more people are willing to go [to WWE] if they get like a great offer. Whereas a couple of years ago, it wasn't like they wouldn't go if they offered tons of money but they were like so happy to be there [in AEW]. But now that they have seen that Cody's made a lot of money and he's like a top guy and he's getting pushed, now things have absolutely changed in terms of the way that people view potentially going to WWE."

There is no word on which talent this applies to. One wrestler in MJF has been vocal about being open to joining WWE when his contract expires in 2024 and his AEW future is up in the air following Double Or Nothing.

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