Report: More Allegations Of IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Tessa Blanchard Being A Bully Emerge

The saga rumbles on...

On January 11, numerous female wrestlers including Chelsea Green, Priscilla Kelly, Allysin Kay and La Rosa Negra claimed Tessa Blanchard had been a bully in the past and that while performing in Japan, the IMPACT Wrestling World champion spat in Black Rose's face and used a racial slur towards her.

Blanchard has denied the allegations against her on three occasions, but this has not stopped more female wrestlers coming forward about her behaviour. Fightful reported yesterday that they had spoken to members of the Women Of Wrestling roster who told them that Blanchard still had attitude issues and cited a number of incidents of her being a bully. An anonymous member of the WOW locker room mentioned an incident where the IMPACT World champion made a trainer cry after she told her she shouldn't be teaching and didn't belong in WOW. After being confronted about her behaviour, Blanchard refused to talk to the trainer, saying the situation was being blown out of proportion.

Blanchard also enjoyed preferential treatment while in WOW as she quickly became the face of the company, head trainer and worked in talent relations. This led to her and Malia Hosaka shouting at each other in public, but only Malia was reprimanded.

Also, according to Allysin Kay, Blanchard is currently trying to dig up dirt on the NWA World Women's champion, seemingly in retaliation for the allegations against her. Kay tweeted last night that she had received several messages from colleagues and friends that Blanchard was trying to "spread lies" about her. The tweet included two screenshots of messages which showed that people close to Blanchard had been contacting friends of Kay's to get personal information about her.

The AK47 wrote: "I said what I had to say so I'd love to move on, but I just got several msgs about
@Tess_Blanchard trying to spread lies. Unfortunately for you, I've built my 11-yr reputation on being respectful. Instead of owning up to your mistakes, you lie, scheme & prove you haven’t changed."

In a later tweet, Kay added: "This is one reason people don’t speak up. It's also one of the reasons I felt I needed to be the one to do so. I have a thick skin, there’s no dirt on me, I have a large platform & amt of colleagues who vouch for me. I'll gladly absorb this frontline of idiocy to shield my friend."

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