Report: More On The Young Bucks Sending Feelers To WWE

Rumours of The Young Bucks' feelers have been circulating for a little while


The Young Bucks have denied sending feelers out to WWE, according to Dave Meltzer. 

"The only thing I know on that, is that they have said that story is not true. You know, they talk to people in WWE, that's not unusual. Time will tell on what happened and what's happening. But I do know that they denied that, the rumour," Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio


Amidst uncertainty over The Young Bucks' long-term future with All Elite Wrestling, it emerged over the weekend that Matt and Nick Jackson had sent out feelers to WWE through a talent already with the company to state they would be interested in speaking to the organisation when their deals are up in 2024. The practice is considered common as talent are always looking for the best deal possible. 

In an update, Fightful Select reported The Young Bucks sending out feelers to WWE had been an ongoing rumour since August. One source 'indicated that they've been sworn that the Bucks asked to speak to someone in management' but that has not been confirmed. Those close to the former AEW World Tag Team Champions noted they hadn't been given any indication that The Bucks had reached out through a WWE talent. 

Fightful also noted they had been given no indication before All Out that The Young Bucks wanted to leave AEW. Talk of that has been quiet since the pay-per-view, however. 

A source who has long worked with WWE higher-ups noted they had heard the rumour but hadn't asked anyone with influence about it. The person doesn't think The Young Bucks would even need to gauge interest about a WWE signing, though, due to their talks in 2018 with Triple H prior to the formation of AEW. 

The Young Bucks are currently off AEW TV, having been suspended due to The Elite's backstage fight with CM Punk and Ace Steel. A third-party investigation is currently being carried out to determine what exactly happened. 

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