Report: Peyton Royce And Bianca Belair Are On Vince McMahon's WWE Push List

Moving up the card...

In the past few weeks, WWE has started to use Peyton Royce as a singles Superstar. The IIconics were forced to disband after they were defeated by The Riott Squad on August 31 and Royce has since defeated her former tag team partner Billie Kay and faced off against Asuka. Bianca Belair also recently resurfaced on Monday Night Raw, having been largely confined to Main Event since she moved to the main roster. 

A past report from Dave Meltzer noted Vince McMahon sees Royce and Belair as future singles stars in the company. Meltzer provided an update on Wrestling Observer Radio and he noted both women are on McMahon's push list. The EST Of WWE was added approximately six weeks ago.

Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez had the following exchange: 

Meltzer: "They want to push her (Bianca Belair). She's on the list to be pushed. Her and Peyton (Royce)."

Alvarez: "Dave, what is this list?"

Meltzer: "The list when Vince goes into meetings, he goes, 'I want to push Peyton Royce and Bianca Belair.'"

Alvarez: "Okay, so where's the push at?"

Meltzer: "Well, we're starting the Bianca Belair push again."

Alvarez: "So he just put her on the list this week?"

Meltzer: "No, it was about six weeks ago."


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