Report: Planned Finish Of Sheamus Vs. Humberto Carrillo From WWE Raw Revealed

The original finish was scrapped after a botched Sunset Flip

The feud between United States Champion Sheamus and Humberto Carrillo continued on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw and the two men went one on one for the first time. 

Both men worked a competent match, but the contest came to an abrupt end after a botched Sunset Flip to the outside. Carrillo managed to connect with the move, but Sheamus landed on top of him in the process and the third-generation wrestler immediately clutched his hamstring. This resulted in the match being waived off by the official and Sheamus was declared the winner by referee's decision. 

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Sheamus going over was the original plan for the match but The Celtic Warrior ended up picking up the win in a less convincing fashion after the Sunset Flip went awry.

Johnson also noted that Carrillo is 'fine' following Raw and he will only miss time in the ring if WWE decides to sell the injury on TV. He could wrestle today if needed, though. 

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