Report: Possible WWE Plans For Charlotte Flair & Andrade Revealed

They've both been off WWE TV for a little while...

Both Andrade and Charlotte Flair have been on the sidelines in WWE for a little while. Flair went on hiatus from the company back in June and hasn't returned to TV since and El Idolo hasn't appeared on Raw since the WWE Draft. 

Reports at the time noted the former United States Champion was set to undergo a minor elective procedure and would be out of action for a month. Andrade was also slated to be on the receiving end of a push when he does return to WWE TV. 

WrestleVotes reported the company has considered pairing Andrade with his fiance on-screen when they both return. The idea behind the pairing would be to use the 12-time women's champion's star power to elevate El Idolo to the main event picture.

WrestleVotes tweeted: "An idea that's been discussed however not determined at this point is an on screen pairing of Charlotte & Andrade when they return to TV. The idea behind it is to use Charlotte's star power to elevate Andrade into the main event scene."

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