Report: Released WWE Talents Were Never Told To Get Vaccinated

Unvaccinated statuses reportedly spurred some recent releases

After WWE released 18 talents on Thursday, an article from the NY Post claimed that Nia Jax's release was due to her reported unvaccinated status, while several other cuts have been attributed to that same reason.

Dave Meltzer spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio this morning, claiming that not only did unvaccinated statuses play a part in some releases (despite "budget cuts" being the stated reason across the board), but that WWE talents were not told to get vaccinated by the company.

"There were several of the people - I don't know the names, specifically - it was probably a half dozen or more that did not get vaxed that got cut. It was very much part of the reason," Meltzer claims.

He adds, "They never told anyone *to* get vaccinated as far as I know ... Because I'd ask, 'Were you told that you needed to get vaccinated?' and it was like, 'No.' It was understood that they *wanted* you to, absolutely, but nobody was told.

"If the idea is like, 'We're gonna cut people who don't get vaccinated', I think that they should tell people. Maybe there's legal reasons why they don't, as far as lawsuits or something. But it's part of your job that you've gotta go overseas. So if you were told that you need to get vaccinated because we're gonna go overseas, especially if you're a main roster person, and you don't, at that point yeah, I can get it. But nobody was told that."

In a subsequent Instagram post, Jax noted that her vaccination status never came up in talks of her release, claiming that she was let go while on a "mental health break" from WWE.

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