Report: Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman Convinced WWE To Change Finish Of WrestleMania 39 Main Event

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman influenced changes to the finish of WrestleMania 39

The ending of WrestleMania 40 this year could have been very different indeed, especially since Cody Rhodes’ huge Undisputed WWE Universal Championship win was reportedly on the cards to come a year earlier at WrestleMania 39, when many expected it to happen in the first place.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WrestleMania 39 finish was originally set to see Rhodes “finish the story” and defeat Roman Reigns in the main event, but both Triple H and Vince McMahon were convinced to change this decision by Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. The idea behind this was that the likes of Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa would get more over throughout the following year with Roman Reigns still holding the championship, and that Rhodes’ win would mean more down the line. It was reportedly Vince McMahon who came around to change first, with Triple H following suit. 

It is said that Rhodes was always going to win the title eventually, even with other news emerging that there were scrapped plans for The Rock to defeat Roman Reigns and then relinquish the title at this year’s WrestleMania event.

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Written by Andrew Kelly