Report: Some In AEW Pushing For Full MJF Face Turn

Will MJF fully turn babyface in AEW? Some are reportedly pushing for it

Since MJF returned to AEW at All Out at 2022, the ‘Salt of the Earth’ has received a mixed reaction from audiences, with MJF being wildly cheered one minute, then booed the next.

Whilst Friedman is still acerbic and condescending on the mic, he has been venturing more into tweener territory as of late, as he marches towards a title showdown with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2022.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Bryan Alvarez, there are those in AEW calling for a full-on babyface turn for MJF, with some believing Friedman could become a ‘generational’ babyface. However, there are believed to be some in AEW’s creative team who are hesitant about pulling the trigger on an MJF turn, but at the same time it is said that AEW are not adamant about keeping Friedman a heel.

In order to combat the growing cheers for Friedman over the past two months, AEW had been sending MJF out in front of crowds before cameras started rolling at TV tapings, with Friedman disparaging the live audience in order to guarantee boos when AEW was on the air. However, AEW have stopped doing this as of late, with Alvarez reporting that there are no plans to continue doing this.

Despite the feelings of AEW, Dave Meltzer added that MJF reportedly wants to remain a heel.

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