Report: Sonya Deville Has Received Additional Threats Since Attempted Kidnapping

Phillip A. Thomas II was arrested on August 16...

In the early hours on August 16, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office arrested Phillip A. Thomas II for attempting to kidnap Daria Berenato (Sonya Deville). Thomas has since been charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief. He remains in custody at Hillsborough County Jail.

Court proceedings are currently ongoing and Berenato filed a motion to have evidence sealed on August 24. The evidence which would be sealed includes her home address, characteristics of her residence and messages which identify family members of Berenato.

HeelByNature obtained a copy of the motion which reveals Deville has received additional threats from unknown individuals since August 16.

The motion reads: "Mrs. Daria Berenato has received additional threatening communications from unknown other individuals via message or posted comments, to the effect that 'I'll finish the job that Phillip started', and 'My knife is sharper than Phillip's.'" 

Deville has since gone on hiatus after she lost a Loser Leaves WWE No Disqualification match against Mandy Rose at SummerSlam 2020. When she will return is currently unknown.  

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