Report: The Bloodline Split Leads To Merch Sales Boost For The Usos

The Usos merch sales have boosted since Bloodline split

A tried and true metric for any professional wrestler’s popularity is how well their merchandise sells, with fans literally voting with their wallets.

A report from Fightful Select suggests that one act that is enjoying surging popularity with WWE fans is The Usos, with Usos shirt sales said to have done ‘incredibly well’ since the split of The Bloodline, with The Usos said to be sitting in second place in the current merch charts.

With Jimmy Uso turning his back on brother Jey at SummerSlam 2023 on July 5, it remains to be seen if sales of Usos goods continue in a strong vein, or if WWE will start promoting separate Jimmy and jey tees going forwards.

The report also suggests that Cody Rhodes is the current top merch seller in WWE, with the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Rhea Ripley also moving a decent amount of merchandise. Other reports from various sources have also suggested that LA Knight has been a top merchandise seller for WWE as of late.

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