Report: Update On Heat Between Jon Moxley & CM Punk

More on the issues between Jon Moxley and CM Punk

CM Punk may have burned any remaining bridges he had in All Elite Wrestling in a since-deleted Instagram post on Thursday, March 23. The two-time AEW World Champion called out AEW, Dave Meltzer, and Chris Jericho in the rant. 

Punk also referenced his AEW World Title unification match with Jon Moxley on the August 24, 2022 edition of Dynamite in which Moxley defeated Punk in three minutes after multiple Death Riders. Punk claimed that Moxley mapped out the match, referencing Rocky III as inspiration, and he refused to lose to Punk. Punk noted he thought the idea sucked but he was okay with the plan if it was what Tony Khan wanted. The Second City Saviour claimed that he would need to be cleared for the match first but "they kept saying it could just be a squash so I didn't need to be cleared." 

In an update, Fightful Select reported that Punk stated he wasn't comfortable competing without being cleared for the August 24 match. There were issues over the creative in the build to the match and there was concern that Punk wouldn't even be at the August 17 edition of Dynamite. Punk also floated the idea of being paid extra for wrestling the match and special travel arrangements were made for him ahead of the August 24 clash. 

Fightful also noted that "Jon Moxley and Punk have appeared to have heat, based on those that Moxley has spoken to after Brawl Out." Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson led a locker room meeting after Brawl Out. People within All Elite Wrestling believe if it came down to Moxley or Punk, AEW would choose Moxley. 

There weren't believed to be any issues between Danielson and Punk, unlike with Moxley and Chris Jericho.

Furthermore, Punk is "very aware" of having heat in AEW and that talent could walk out if he returns. Some of the heat on Punk has died down, according to Fightful, but "there's plenty that still remains." 

Following his Instagram rant, it appears there is little chance of Punk returning to All Elite Wrestling. Find out more here.

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