Report: Update On How Many WWE PPVs Roman Reigns Will Work Moving Forward

How many major shows will Roman Reigns be working as part of his new schedule?

A recent report indicated that WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was set to work six pay-per-views (or premium live events if you prefer) going forward, as part of his new deal, which has him working a reduced schedule. 

This would mean that he would only work the 'major' shows, such as those that take place in stadiums or in Saudi Arabia. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided an update on the situation and one person within WWE said that the first report of six shows per year wasn't accurate but 'close'. 

This year, for example, the number of stadium and Saudi Arabia shows would be eight. 

It was previously reported that Roman would not be working the upcoming Hell in a Cell show, despite being previously advertised for the event. That report further stated that he will not defend the WWE Universal Title until Money in the Bank on July 2. 

Reigns has yet to defend the world championship since defeating Brock Lesnar to unify the Universal Title with the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38 (Night Two).

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