Report: Update On Humberto Carrillo's Condition After WWE Raw

His match with Sheamus was ended prematurely

The match between Humberto Carrillo and United States champion Sheamus on WWE Monday Night Raw came to a premature end after Carrillo seemed to suffer an injury. 

The bout ended after Carrillo attempted to perform a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on Sheamus off the ring apron. The Celtic Warrior crashed down on top of Carrillo, who failed to land on his feet, and they both hit the outside floor hard, with the referee stopping the match after Carrillo indicated he was injured.

Sheamus was declared the winner due to referee stoppage and a medical official was seen to be checking on Carrillo at ringside after the bout.

According to PWInsider, multiple sources have confirmed that Carrillo is 'okay' after the match with Sheamus, suggesting there is no lasting damage to the 25-year-old and the stoppage to the match was mainly precautionary.

Carrillo has featured frequently on Raw in recent weeks, trying to challenge Sheamus for his United States Title in an Open Challenge, who in turn has laid him out. The Mexican youngster got a measure of revenge by attacking Sheamus in his match with Mansoor last week.

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