Report: Update On Jeff Hardy Potentially Joining AEW

Hardy has been linked with a switch to AEW since his WWE release

The rumours of Jeff Hardy to AEW have only intensified in the past week, after reports emerged that WWE unsuccessfully attempted to re-sign Hardy for fears that he would join AEW and re-form the Hardy Boys.

Now, additional reports have emerged, giving more information about Hardy potentially joining AEW, with Dave Meltzer saying the following on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“I don’t know that Jeff is coming to AEW. I know Matt wants him to come to AEW. There’s discussions through different people and you can pass messages but as far as Tony Khan directly talking, every situation is different. I’m not saying he never talks to anyone from another organisation or anything like that. I don’t know what he does or doesn’t do. But I know from certain people that he avoided talking to certain people that are top people until the legal right day.”

Hardy was released by WWE in December, with his no-compete set to expire mid-March.

Meltzer added, “A lot of people are expecting it and I am too but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s gonna happen [Jeff Hardy to AEW]. The Hardy Boyz as a team again, because of Jeff, they’re gonna be a hot tag team and god damn that company has got a lot of good teams…”

Jeff Hardy was released after walking out of a WWE house show match, with initial reports suggesting that Hardy was possibly released due to drug issues. However, Hardy maintained he was clean, and WWE failed to publicly disclose the results of any drug tests:

“They kept trying to get the results of the drug test for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and couldn’t get it but finally got it and I was told that it was a negative drug test,” continued Meltzer. “I guess he wanted that proof out or something. He wanted to show WWE that ‘yeah you drug tested me and you fired me but my drug test was clean.’ But you know that’s not an alcohol test either so it’s like saying ‘oh he has a clean drug test so he’s free and clear.’ A lot of people jumped to that conclusion but that’s not necessarily the conclusion.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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