Report: Update On Mustafa Ali's Possible Backstage Heat In WWE

Someone was unhappy he mentioned piped-in crowd noise

During last week's edition of Raw Talk, Mustafa Ali criticised WWE's decision to dedicate an episode of Monday Night Raw to legends of the past. Ali said bringing back guys who "can barely walk" instead of featuring the likes of Drew Gulak, himself and Akira Tozawa was exactly what was wrong with WWE. He then made light of the fact that WWE piped in crowd noise for the legends after Charly Caruso tried to counter his argument. 

Ali later suggested the promo may have landed him in hot water with WWE management as he tweeted an image of his appearance on Raw Talk with the caption: "'we don't know if we can give you a live mic again.'"

According to Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp, someone backstage in WWE did indeed take exception to Ali making light of the piped-in noise.  

Sapp said: "I had heard that there was someone who took exception to him making light that they pipe in stuff... I asked about this, I was like, 'What would anyone be mad at?' And they're like, 'Well he said that they piped in noise.' I said, 'They do!' And this person said, 'Yeah, but we don't want them going out there and saying that.' I'm like, 'Why not? It's obvious. It's okay. Baseball does it. Football does it. Basketball does it. Don't treat us like we're stupid.'"


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