Report: WWE Talent Frustrated By Piped-In Crowd Noise

More frustration within the company

With the absence of fans because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, WWE has piped in crowd noise during much of its programming. The noise has often been used by the company to define who the babyfaces and heels are during matches and promos. Superstars like Goldberg have also received piped-in raucous reactions during their returns when the real-life response may have been less kind.  

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE's ability to control the crowd reaction has resulted in some frustration amongst "some of the underneath talent." Superstars are reportedly aware that WWE modifies the volume of piped-in noise and controls when it is piped in based on who the company wants to push and get over. 

Some Superstars have, therefore, drawn the conclusion that WWE has no plans to push them at the moment and they have become annoyed because they believe there is no way they can change their situation without fans in attendance.

If WWE will do anything to modify piped-in noise in the coming weeks remains to be seen. 


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