Jay White's Profile Pulled From NJPW Website

Is he staying or is he going?

Jay White's profile on NJPW1972.com has been on a bit of a journey in recent days.

The profile had remained on the website following Switchblade's post-Wrestle Kingdom 15 promo but it was suddenly removed yesterday morning. 

It was back online with a new paragraph a couple of hours later, though. The paragraph read: "An emotional Switchblade declared backstage that all his effort had been for nothing, and that he would be leaving NJPW after January 6 2021. Should he follow through on his declaration, the pro-wrestling world may lose a man who would otherwise join the all time greats."

The profile then disappeared again approximately four hours later and hasn't been back online since. White's profile on New Japan's Japanese site has also disappeared. 

Why NJPW pulled the profile is currently unknown. His status with the company remains unclear following New Year Dash as there have been reports that WWE is "making a major play" to sign him, but he also reportedly told AEW that he signed a seven-year deal with New Japan in 2018. 

NJPW is also advertising him for upcoming events at Korakuen Hall and Budokan Hall and for the New Japan Cup

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