Report: Update On Triple H's WWE Status

Triple H suffered a cardiac event in late 2021

After his cardiac event in 2021, little has been seen publicly of Triple H.

The former head of NXT - real name Paul Levesque - has all but stayed away from the day-to-day business of WWE whilst in recovery, and Dave Meltzer has filed a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about Triple H’s status:

“There are no plans right now, or even if Paul Levesque will return to running NXT, or for him to do any creative in the company due to health issues. Obviously if his health improves and if he wants to, that could change but the word is that it’s not anything people have been told is happening imminently. But they are very happy with Shawn Michaels right now, feeling he’s been under pressure to make stars fast with the changes in the show and he made Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Knight, Grayson Waller and Tony D’Angelo into stars very quickly. It was noted that was not his job when he was hired, but it fell upon him when Levesque had his health issue and they feel he has great aptitude for the creative process and understanding of how to make stars and make key people stand out.”

Levesque has been with WWE since 1995.

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