Report: Vince McMahon Held Meeting With WWE Raw Crew To Address Crown Jewel Situation

Seth Rollins also spoke...

At about 3 PM EST this afternoon, Vince McMahon held a talent meeting with the Raw roster and crew at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, to address the events of the preceding days.

What's been reported about the meeting is that the company blamed talents putting speculation on social media for causing problems, while the company reaffirmed its point that the mechanical issues were the sole reason for the lengthy flight delay.

Seth Rollins, meanwhile, apparently addressed the roster, summed up by the report as a "rah rah speech". He also apparently said that matters such as this need to be kept off of social media in the future.

Other details of the meeting are not readily known.

It was reported by Dave Meltzer early Sunday morning that frustrated wrestlers were vowing never to return to Saudi Arabia, and that many couldn't wait to get out of the company.

Meltzer also noted that talents felt McMahon had "deserted" them in Saudi Arabia, and, due to the rumored situation between McMahon and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over alleged money issues, that the talents ended up being "pawns in a dick-waving contest."

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