Report: Vince McMahon Needed To Be Filtered In WWE Creative Meetings

Due to Vince McMahon's insensitive comments and more

Creative writer's assistants needed to "filter" Vince McMahon during WWE creative meetings, a report from Fightful Select has revealed. 

Assistants had to know what not to write down and the meeting's minutes had been "heavily edited" for a long time prior to McMahon's retirement last week due to the 76-year-old making comments that would be deemed insensitive or offensive and there being "Oh god, what did he just say?" moments. Simple kayfabe matters also needed to be edited from the minutes and some stories noted that McMahon constantly called people by the wrong name and used terms that weren't socially acceptable. 

A source also stated that McMahon struggled to recall what had been done before "there were so many things that Vince insisted on doing that I'm pretty sure he didn't remember doing over and over again, even when people would tell him."

Furthermore, a former production employee stated: "If a live feed of Vince McMahon on a headset any given night ever made it out, that it would provide a picture of that production experience, especially for the announcers. There were plenty of times he was in a good mood, but he would blow up at the most ridiculous things and act like they ruined an angle that was far past its expiration date anyway."

McMahon retired as WWE Chairman and CEO on Friday, July 22, amidst hush money and sexual misconduct allegations. Stephanie McMahon has been appointed Chairwoman and a Co-CEO with Nick Khan and Triple H is the new head of WWE creative. 

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