Report: When Kenny Omega Will Drop The IMPACT World Title Has Already Been Decided

His reign has been mapped out

Kenny Omega has reigned as IMPACT World Champion for 59 days, but when he will drop the gold has reportedly already been decided.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Omega's reign had been mapped out by AEW and IMPACT before The Best Bout Machine even won the title and when he will lose the championship was decided then. 

"They're all collaborated, especially with Omega. They all work everything out when it comes to that. With Sammy Guevara, obviously, it wasn't as collaborated because it wasn't in as high profile a picture. Before Omega ever won the title, they had their battle plan all mapped out. Where it was gonna be, who was gonna be on what show and when it's gonna be. When IMPACT can get their title back. That was part of the deal way ahead of time," Meltzer said.

Since defeating Rich Swann for the IMPACT World Title at Rebellion, Kenny Omega has successfully defended the gold against Moose at Against All Odds. The Belt Collector will next defend the championship at Slammiversary on July 17 against Sami Callihan. 

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