Report: Why Rachael Ellering Was Released By WWE Revealed

Don't complain in WWE NXT...

Back on April 15, WWE released 36 Superstars including second-generation wrestler Rachael Ellering. The releases came after the company announced they would be making cutbacks because of the coronavirus pandemic despite estimates showing WWE is still on course to make record profits in 2020. 

Reports have indicated WWE used a certain criteria when deciding who to release from NXT, and those let go consisted of Superstars who had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the company or had been on the roster for a while but not made it to TV.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ellering had previously complained to WWE about the treatment for her torn ACL, which is why she was let go. Meltzer also noted that the former Stardom star had previously thought about quitting the company, and wasn't unhappy when she was released. 

Meltzer said: "The gist was that she blew out her knee and she had reconstructive surgery… When she was doing rehab there was something that happened, and I don't know that it was bad but it was bad enough in the sense of she complained about some treatment. 

"And when it came time for the cuts everybody who complained, who was not a soldier, everybody who complained were the people that were gone. So, she was basically told that, you know, you're gone. And she'd actually thought about quitting but had not. But she did not quit, it was WWE's decision. She was one of those cuts, but she was not unhappy about it either from what I gather."

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