Report: Why Stephanie McMahon Was Appointed Interim WWE CEO & Chairwoman Revealed

All about continuity for WWE

While Stephanie McMahon had been on a leave of absence, she returned to the company today following her appointment as Interim CEO and Chairwoman. This came amidst Vince McMahon temporarily stepping away from his roles as WWE CEO and Chairman while he and John Laurinaitis are investigated by a Special Committee of WWE's board over misconduct allegations. 

According to CNBC, Stephanie was chosen to be the Interim CEO and Chairwoman as "a signal that the power structure wouldn't change even as Vince McMahon steps back." Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported a similar reason for her appointment, noting: "They want the message to be that there's a seamless pivot to Steph and they are running smooth."

Beyond the perception of a seamless move, PWInsider noted McMahon has been "in the middle of everything" in recent years and she understands the board's vision for the company. 

Taking to Twitter following her appointment, McMahon tweeted: "Until the conclusion of the investigation into recent allegations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love @WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world."

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