Report: WrestleMania In London Considered Unlikely Within WWE

WWE WrestleMania taking place in London is reportedly ‘unlikely’

With Money in the Bank on July 1, WWE produced their first internationally broadcast event in London since SummerSlam 1992, a show that saw John Cena make a surprise appearance to tease WrestleMania making its way to the English capital.

UK fans have long dreamed of Mania on British shores, and Cena’s tease more than opened the door with fans and industry insiders alike saying that if Mania in the UK wasn’t possible then WWE would have made sure to stop Cena from saying it.

However, a report from Fightful Select reveals that WWE don’t feel it’s likely that WrestleMania will air from the UK in the foreseeable future, with the earliest it could potentially happen being 2026, with negotiations for a host city in the USA well underway for WrestleMania XLI in 2025. A survey before MITB asked which UK city would be best suited for a hypothetical future Royal Rumble or SummerSlam event, with London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham amongst the options. The survey specifically did not mention WrestleMania.

During the post-Money in the Bank press conference, Triple H skirted around the question of WrestleMania in London, merely saying "never say never".

It was believed for many years that WWE were against running any of their major live shows from Europe due to the time difference, with the thought being that an earlier live broadcast time in the USA and Canada would significantly harm PPV buys. With the WWE Network and advances in streaming technology and the changing of viewing norms this is seen as less of a risk, with WWE running major events in the UK and Saudi Arabia in recent years.

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