Report: WWE Allows Sareee To Wrestle In Japan During The Travel Ban

She was due to come to America in March...

Sareee signed with WWE this past February with the intention of moving to the United States the following month, in order to begin her time at the company's Performance Center. However, the pandemic put a halt to those plans, and she remains in Japan for the time being.

Sareee has not wrestled since February 24 (for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana), but is on the verge of returning to work - albeit not for WWE.

According to Tokyo Sports, Sareee appealed to WWE to continue wrestling in Japan during the still-ongoing delay, and has been granted permission to do so.

There is no word on what promotions Sareee will wrestle for, but according to her, there are zero restrictions on what companies she can work while she waits out the travel ban.

In addition to World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana (her primary home for the majority of her nine-year wrestling career), the 24-year-old Sareee is a veteran of promotions such as Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling, Seadlinnng, JWP Joshi Puroresu, and Pro Wrestling Wave.

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