Report: WWE Planned To Have Hulk Hogan Win The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal At WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania's Kickoff show would have been very different...

Hulk Hogan hasn't stepped inside the squared circle since he teamed with Sting and James Storm against Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray at a TNA house show in Manchester, England back in 2012. 

Hogan has repeatedly said that he wants to have one more match in WWE to end his career, and he was almost granted his wish at WrestleMania 36 as Paul Davis at WrestlingNews.co revealed the company floated the idea of booking The Hulkster to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 

Davis noted that Hogan wouldn't have taken any bumps and would have been largely uninvolved in the battle royal until the end when he would have eliminated one or two Superstars to secure the win. The Immortal One would have then celebrated in front of the Tampa crowd in a feel-good moment.

A WWE source told Davis: "The idea was he wouldn't take any bumps. We would work it so he would only have to eliminate one or two guys at the end and then he would get his big celebration at the end with his music. It would have been perfect because he lives in the Tampa area."

The idea wasn't shot down by Vince McMahon and was on the table for 'Mania as of late February. The plan was scrapped soon after, however, as talks between WWE and Hogan fell through as neither side could agree on financial terms. 

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