Retirement Segment Booked For Next Week's WWE Raw

The salmon jacket could return to WWE programming...

On the March 11 episode of Monday Night Raw, Rey Mysterio, having miraculously survived being thrown off the roof of Titan Towers, teamed with Aleister Black against Seth Rollins and Murphy. The Master Of The 619's night did not go to plan, however, as The Monday Night Messiah attacked him and forced his eye into the corner of the steel steps. Mysterio was left screaming during the incident and hasn't been heard from since. 

On last night's episode of Raw, Rollins again thanked Mysterio for his sacrifice and it was later revealed that the three-time world champion will have a retirement ceremony on next week's edition of the red brand. 

There has been nothing to suggest that Mysterio will actually be retiring from professional wrestling, however, and a certain salmon jacket may well return to WWE programming. 

This is Rey's second retirement storyline as he thought about retiring last year after Andrade stole his mask. His son Dominick ultimately convinced him to fight on and the former United States Champion went on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. 

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