Report: WWE Considering Running Far Fewer House Shows After The Coronavirus Pandemic

A new era in the company...

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic ground WWE's touring schedule to a halt earlier this year. Five months on, the company is yet to resume running house shows and much of the live events division at Titan Towers remain furloughed. 

A new era could be on the horizon for the company as Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio WWE is considering "cutting way way back" on house shows when they can resume touring again. 

Meltzer said: "One of the things I heard is WWE is very much contemplating… even when things go back to normal, cutting way way back on live shows. I don't know if they'll eliminate them completely… But the idea I think of four days a week doing house shows is pretty much gonna be over for maybe forever, at least for WWE."

WWE started to move away from holding four house shows per week in early 2020 as the company was actually losing money by running the events. Before the pandemic, WWE ran seven live events in February and planned to hold 14 house shows in March. 

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