Report: WWE Earned $1 Million From Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match

Mountain Dew reportedly stumped up plenty of cash for WWE Pitch Black match

When Bray Wyatt’s return match against LA Knight at Royal Rumble 2023 was revealed to be a ‘Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match’ it left many fans confused, with the ensuing match barely making things any clearer.

However, a new report from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio claims the match was an overwhelming financial success for WWE, to the tune of $1 million:

"Well, you know the thing is that Mountain Dew one, that was a million-dollar deal. That’s significant money if you can get deals like that. It was a really crappy match though and they kept it short. I guess Pepsi has to decide whether it's worth it to spend a million dollars to sponsor a crappy match, maybe it is. I don’t know, on a pay-per-view that was seen by two million people," Meltzer stated.

WWE CEO Nick Khan has stated that WWE are open to further partnership deals, suggesting that the ring canvas and turnbuckles could feature sponsorship logos in the future.

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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