Report: WWE Employees Waiting To See How Bad The Fallout From Vince McMahon's Misconduct Allegations Will Be

Tensions are high in Titan Towers these days

WWE employees are taking a 'wait and see' approach when it comes to the fallout of the recent Vince McMahon allegations, according to a new report. 

Answering a fan question about the internal reaction to the news one week on, Mike Johnson of PWInsider wrote: 

"There is a lot of silence among employees as they are all waiting to see how bad this situation can get and whether this is something that could really hurt the company. There's been a real concern among some to keep their heads down and not get caught up in the mess, especially since they don't know what executives will end up with larger amounts of power when the dust settles, so a lot are biting their tongues on giving opinions right now, at least in places and ways that could come back to bite them".

Vince McMahon temporarily stepped aside as WWE CEO in the wake of the allegations. He was replaced by his daughter Stephanie while WWE's Board of Directors conduct an internal investigation.

As well as the internal investigation, five separate law firms are investigating WWE to determine whether the company breached their fiduciary duties or violated any securities laws. 

Despite the allegations and investigations, Vince McMahon still maintains his creative position within WWE and appeared on the most recent editions of both SmackDown and Raw. 

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