Report: WWE Held Meeting With NXT Talent To Tell Them Not To Talk To "Dirt Sheets"

Trying to crack down on news leaks...

WWE appears to be doing its best to diminish the flow of news from inside the company, at least when it comes to those at its Performance Center.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful published a report Monday that claims WWE held a meeting at their Performance Center last Wednesday before the NXT tapings, advising NXT talents to not talk to "dirt sheets".

That meeting followed another meeting, in which talents were told not to call out main roster wrestlers. Word of that meeting, which was reportedly an orientation for new Performance Center recruits, was eventually made public.

Sapp noted in his report, "The talent we spoke to (naturally, since they're effectively talking to one) weren't keen on the message. They were also reminded that they need proof of health coverage, which may have motivated talent to contact us."

Another source, which Sapp notes had not previously spoken to Fightful, said, "They reminded me that I'm a contractor, then tried to tell me who I couldn't talk to, so here I am."

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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