Report: WWE Management Unhappy With Fans Asking For Lots Of Merchandise To Be Signed

WWE Management Is Reportedly Unhappy With Fans Asking Wrestlers For Items To Be Signed

There have been a few videos released recently of some awkward interactions between fans and WWE wrestlers. The most notable examples include the likes of Liv Morgan and Rey Mysterio. In both instances, the wrestlers have either declined to sign a sea of memorabilia shoved in their faces, or stated their displeasure at the situation on hand. 

PWInsider has reported that WWE officials and talents alike are unhappy at this, with it being believed that the videos were intended to paint the wrestlers in a bad light, which is especially frustrating for an all-time legend like Mysterio, who has such a good reputation.

It is believed that wrestlers are being advised against signing each and every item, toy, memorabilia, or trading card that is in front of them to try to clamp down and draw a line on what is expected of wrestlers in an environment such as an airport. There is certainly a discussion to be had on this issue, as it does seem to be happening on an increased basis in which fans and wrestlers have had unsavoury encounters.

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Written by Andrew Kelly