Report: WWE Not Planning To Move To TV-14

WWE sticking with TV-PG

Many long-time wrestling fans rejoiced at the news that WWE were effectively ending the ‘PG era’ with a move to TV-14 mooted for Raw in July 2022.

However, it seems that a full-blown return to Attitude Era shenanigans - which was never guaranteed anyway - are not believed to be in the works, with a report from PWInsider stating that WWE will not be changing to TV-14, and will stick with a TV-PG rating for the foreseeable future on both USA Network and FOX.

News about the mooted ratings change was inconsistent, but some within WWE like Vic Joseph seemed to suggest that WWE content could be moving in a TV-14 direction.

WWE has changed ratings several times in the past, moving from TV-PG to TV-13 during the height of the ‘Attitude Era’ in the late 90s, before reverting back to a PG rating in 2008 after the blood spattered ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era.

Recent reports had suggested that if a ratings change was to occur then it’d be mainly for the benefit of WWE’s editors, who wouldn’t have to mute or edit out specific fan chants.

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