Report: WWE NXT Talents Encouraged To "Lay It In”

NXT talents encouraged to ‘work snug’ by WWE

Randy Orton made the rounds recently with comments about WWE NXT trainees, saying they “don't know what the f**k they're doing.”

Orton’s comments were in regard to NXT stars throwing hard punches during matches rather than fully working them, and now a report from Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez suggests the NXT talent are told to work this way by WWE: 

“Randy Orton is absolutely 100 percent correct,” Alvarez said. “That is what this used to be. It used to be that this was a show and you pretended to hurt each other and there was an art to pretending that you hurt each other but not actually hurting each other.”

Alvarez continued, “Bro I don’t know when that changed but I have heard and I am sure that many other people listening to this who might be in the business have heard the same thing – that in developmental, these wrestlers are encouraged to lay it in [work snug/stiff]. They are encouraged to lay it in.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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