Report: WWE NXT Women's Championship To Be Renamed

Removing the gender-specific designation...

On this week's episode of WWE Backstage, Becky Lynch said she believed WWE should eliminate the term "women" from the women's division and that going forward nothing in the company should have a gender designation. That instead of competing to be the best man or woman, everyone should be competing to be the best professional wrestler in WWE. She added that with all the history that the women in WWE have made, gender "shouldn't be an issue at this point."

Becky said: "I think the best thing for the women's division right now is we eliminate the term 'women.' I think it’s now certain to hold us back. We're then going this is the women’s segment, this is the women’s thing. Why do we need that division? We need people. We need characters. We need people looking for the main event spot, not the top women’s spot. The top spot. What are people doing to be the main event…It (gender) shouldn’t be an issue at this point. We're past all the making history, we’ve made all the history."

WWE has seemingly taken The Man's comments on board as according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider, the company has issued an internal memo whereby going forward, the NXT Women's Championship will just be named the NXT Championship. The company then put this new policy into action on Wednesday night as an NXT exclusive promo on YouTube was titled: "Toni Storm sees the NXT Championship in her future."

For the avoidance of doubt, Johnson wrote: "WWE has issued an internal decree that going forward, the WWE NXT Women's Championship will be referred to and described as simply the "NXT Championship", PWInsider.com has confirmed. The decision was made to make the remove the gender-specific designation of the championship."

Johnson also noted he does not currently know if the women's championships on the main roster will be renamed.


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