Report: WWE Signing Falls Through

WWE's "hiring freeze" has led to a signing falling through

WWE’s sale to Endeavor has led to some changes taking place here and there, one of which being an apparent ‘hiring freeze’, which may have halted WWE’s pursuits of talents such as Nick Aldis, Tama Tonga, and Jay White. Another name looks to have been affected by this too. 

Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net has reported that WWE’s hiring freeze has put a stop to the WWE signing of Colby Corino. The independent wrestling star had reportedly agreed a deal with WWE back in January, but before pen could be officially put to paper, Endeavor’s purchase of WWE got in the way. 

“I spoke to sources within WWE, and asked around about the status of Colby Corino, and was told that the current ‘hiring freeze’ does indeed affect Corino. Initially, I was told that would not be the case. But now it seems that things have changed. Sources clarified to me that Coldy had yet to officially sign a contract, instead he was offered a deal, to which both sides had agreed on. However, shortly thereafter WWE was sold to Endeavor, which was when everything stopped regarding the company’s hiring process. 

It is unclear that exactly the future holds for Corino and if WWE will return back to sign him down the line, but according to the report he is now once again a free agent.

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