Report: How Tony Khan Reacted To CM Punk's WWE Raw Visit Revealed

Some insight has been provided on Tony Khan's reaction to CM Punk's trip to WWE Raw

CM Punk made headlines once again a couple weeks back when the AEW contracted talent showed up at WWE Raw in Chicago, finding his way backstage and talking to the likes of The Miz, Baron Corbin, Tamina, and even someone who he has had plenty of heat with in the past, Triple H. 

In an exclusive interview with Haus Of Wrestling, PW Torch’s Wade Keller provided some insight on whether Tony Khan would have known about Punk’s trip to Monday Night Raw, and how he reacted to the whole thing. 

“I heard that he reached out to somebody and asked, ‘What the heck is going on?' But that doesn’t … I don’t want to say Tony would play these types of games but, it’s possible, it was very important for Tony to not have been okay with it, for the reason doing it.

“Okay. If let me explain it. If the Punk said, ‘Hey, Tony, I want to go visit WWE’s locker room,’ and Tony’s like, ‘I can’t know about this, do what you want. But we didn’t have this conversation and I didn’t know ahead of time. But go ahead, it’ll be good for PR.’ If, and I have zero reason to believe that’s the case but I’m just trying to account for all reasonable options. It’s possible Tony said, ‘Do it but I want no part of it. That’d be contract tampering.’

“So, as soon as Punk did it, it’s possible Tony started going to people, ‘What the hell? What is going on here?’ In order to cover himself, legally. So I’m just saying that’s possible. But my inclination, my belief, the belief of people I talked to, is Tony did not know ahead of time. And some people were like, ‘Is this gonna be the time Tony realizes what we’re dealing with? With Punk? Will he stop being such a fan of his and blind to Punk’s lack of social awareness?”

Punk is reportedly set to make a return to AEW in the near future, with a brand new show called Collision to be centered around him as the marquee star. It isn’t clear whether or not Punk’s exploits put any sort of dent into his return plans. 

H/T Haus Of Wrestling

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