Report: WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Could Be Renamed "Shorty G"

Chaddy wow wow...

There's a report going around at the moment suggesting a current WWE SmackDown Live Superstar could be on the brink of a monumental name change.

A video was uploaded to WWE's YouTube channel following this week's SmackDown Live where Shelton Benjamin called Chad Gable "shorty."

This, according to a report from Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite Audio, could be going somewhere, with Gable potentially being called 'Shorty G' (a term WWE have trademarked, by the way) down the line.

Whether this means the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion becomes a rapper or not is up to your own imagination at this stage.


“The future of Chad Gable might be obscured a bit," Johnson said.

"There was a promo that they released after SmackDown with Shelton Benjamin talking about King of the Ring and Chad Gable was standing next to him. He said, ‘hey Shelton what’s up?’ Shelton looked at him and said, ‘Shorty!’ and walked away.

“We noted a couple weeks ago that WWE has copyrighted the name ‘Shorty G’ for a potential character. If Chad Gable is going to be ‘Shorty G,’ if that’s where they’re going with it — I don’t sense a bunch of upward mobility in his future with his character.”

Thanks to Ringside News for the transcription. 

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