Report: WWE Thinks NXT Talent Can Be The Next Sasha Banks

WWE have high hopes for NXT talent seen as a potential ‘next Sasha Banks’

Wrestling is all about finding that next big star, with every promoter looking for that next Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, or John Cena.

For WWE, they feel like they may have a potential superstar in waiting in NXT’s women’s division, with the company potentially set to fast-track Cora Jade to the top of WWE’s women’s division, seeing her as 'the next Sasha Banks'.

The report comes via Wrestlevotes, who said the following to Give Me Sport:

“Everybody loves Cora. She’s on the fast track to becoming the next Sasha Banks. She has the same thing Sasha has, she’s talented she’s got this unique look about her, she’s super young and she’s pretty decent in the ring, right? The potential of her becoming a big deal is high and WWE sees that.”

Whilst there are no confirmed plans to bring Cora Jade up to the main roster just yet, Jade has been positioned as one of NXT’s top women’s division stars, battling with Roxanne Perez in a heated feud in recent months. Wrestlevotes did speculate that WWE may keep Cora Jade in NXT a bit longer to further her development, but it seems as they are keeping a close eye on the young star.

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