Report: WWE TV Rewrites 'Very Rare' Since Triple H Took Over

No more ripping up the script hours before showtime

Backstage morale continues to be high backstage in WWE, including with the creative team. 

There has reportedly been a 'night and day' impact since Paul 'Triple H' Levesque took over as head of creative, according to Mike Johnson from PWInsider.com.

Those working in creative are no longer being forced to 'hurry up and wait' for Vince McMahon meetings that start hours late or focus on supposedly small 'unimportant' things for long periods of time. 

The process is said to be streamlined under Levesque, with a general feeling that not as much time is being wasted. As a consequence, those on the creative team have been far less 'worn out by the grind' and are able to focus on their creative responsibilities. 

Additionally, while rewrites are part of the creative process, it is rarely a situation where everything is discarded and the script is 'ripped up' hours before a show, as was typical under McMahon's rule. 

This has been cited as one of the reasons we are currently seeing fewer rematches on Raw and SmackDown. 

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